Pascal Bay – Flight Validation Pilot

Pascal Bay - Flight Validation Pilot

Pascal Wegmann is working since 12 years in PBN navigation and was member of the RNAV Approach lmplementation Support Group (RAISG), the International GBAS Working Group and the ICAO EUR Performance Based Navigation Task Force as well as the EUROCONTROL Navigation Steering Group. He also designs and tests new PBN procedures. Database integrity was also a main topic of his work in the past. Pascal Wegmann holds a MSc degree in Aeronautics. He is flight instructor and theoretical instructor for ATPL training. Until today, he has accumulated well over 8000 hours on different SEP and Turbine propelled aircraft as well as on Airbus A319/320/321 A330-200 A330-300 A340-300 A340-600 and A380.

Besides his main profession, Pascal works as a founding member for the company Procedure Validation Solutions (PVS), which offers training, techniques and services in the area of flight procedure validation for enhanced safety, including a sustainable documentation concept according to ICAO Standards.