ANI Harder Challenge

This is a student’s running/walking contest that evolved from a social event in 2008. In the meantime many course participants have participated in the challenge. Ther are two routes available.The classic route is Harder Ground Station - Bleiki - Hardermanndli - Hardermatte - Harder Kulm. The distance covered on this one is 3.54km, the elevation difference from bottom to top is 731m. See current standings of this challenge below. The second route starts from Unterseen vie Hardermatte and so far nobody has competed on that. Benchmark time for this route is 1 hour, 7 minutes 05 seconds. The route is 3.81km long and covers 710m elevation difference. It is a bit of a workout but on top you get rewarded with this view:

Classic Route

Distance 3.54 km, Elevation difference 731m


Unterseen Route

Distance 3.81 km, Elevation difference 710m

Unterseen Harder
Unterseen Harder Profile