Online Faculty – Restricted Access

This is the ANI Faculty. You can get access here if you have booked an ANI Classroom Course or Live Stream, any live Webinar or Online self-learning course..

In the Faculty Library you have access to several documents that are of interest for your job or course. From there you can proceed to your Virtual Auditorium (online self-learning courses) or Course Repository (classroom and live stream courses). The access will time out when you get certified for online self-learning courses and one year after the course for classroom courses.

Legal Notice: By login in to any of the repositories or platform you acknowledge that you are the entitled person to log in and you received the login details by ANI directly. Furthermore you acknowledge that you access material protected by copyright law. Material must not be copied, used in public or distributed without a prior agreement. Access to the platform is monitored and logged.

Disclaimer: The ANI nor its Staff cannot be liable for missinterpretation or wrong use of the presented material. Flight Procedures must be designed according to State-approved criteria and must follow the Quality Assurance Process as described in PANS-OPS vol. II Part I, Section 2, Chapter 4.

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