Aleksandar Pavlovic – AIS/MAP

Aleksandar Pavlovic - AIS/MAP

Aleksandar Pavlovic is very well known in the AIS community around the world. He looks back at a very long career within ICAO in various management positions. For 18 yeas he was responsible for the maintenance and updating of Annexes 4 and 15, PANS-ABC and all ANPPs. Aleks is also a certified ICAO safety oversight auditor and has been acting as the Secretary of various AIS/MAP meetings within ICAO. His backround is very solid, Aleks graduated with a Bachelor of Science as an Air Transportation Engineer from Belgrade University before becoming an Air Traffin Controller and getting a Pilot License. Apart from Aleksandar's excellent communication skills he has extensive experience in representing ICAO at RTCA/Eurocae and ISO Technical commitee meetings. Furthermore Aleks Pavlovic has excellent knowledge of the Eurocontrol Safety Regulatory Requirements (ESARRs) as well as the ECAA/SESAR. Aleksandar also acts as a lecturer for the AIS/MAP subjects at the Singapore Aviation Academy.