Pieter-Bas Oortman - Flight Validation Pilot/Flight OPS


Nationality: Dutch

Pieter-Bas Oortman is a first officer with an ATPL (A) license with aircraft types A330/A340/A350. He is a member of the PBN expertise team, the Eurocontrol RNAV Approach Implementation Support Group (RAISG) and the ICAO EUR Performance Based Navigation Task Force as well as the Eurocontrol Navigation Steering Group. Within the PBN expertise team he develops and validates RNAV visuals and company codings (RNAV overlays).

Besides his main profession, Pieter-Bas works as a founding member for the company Procedure Validation Solutions (PVS), which offers training, techniques and services in the area of flight procedure validation for enhanced safety, including a sustainable documentation concept according to ICAO Standards.

Contact: pieter-bas.oortman(at)pvs.aero

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